A very healthy fruit bush

The aronia berry fruit bush can grow up to 3-metre-high shrubs and belongs to the family of rosaceous plants. The reddish to violet berries are harvested in late summer. Aronia is a wild fruit which has strong resistance against parasites and diseases. The shiny violet wild fruit is characterized by a novel, stringy and sour to tart flavour.

The juice or the concentrate produced at our company contains considerable amounts of secondary plant substances, particularly procyanidins from the group of polyphenols. Its content is approx. five times higher than in other berry types.

Lienig Wildfruchtverarbeitung has specialised in the processing of wild fruits, particularly aronia berries, over many years and offers the following aronia products for further refinement:


500 / 1000 litre reusable stainless steel container (Aseptic / non-aseptic)
200 litre aseptic barrels
5 / 10 / 20 litre CUBITAINER (aseptic) / canister (non-aseptic)