Supplier and service provider of the food industry

Lienig Wildfruchtverarbeitung complies with all the requirements of consumers and the industry. Our success is built upon a clear company focus to be a supplier and service provider to the food industry and particularly to the fruit juice and beverage sector. Therefore, the valuable fruits are delivered either as end products or in a refined form as semi-finished goods to the food industry and even to the non-food industry.

Thanks to our broad product range, Lienig Wildfruchtverarbeitung is also abreast the strong trend of organic products in non-food-industries. Processing, composition and consistency of most of the semi-finished goods are established together with the finishing businesses and factories. The following pages list some of our top sellers from your product portfolio. Some highlights are also available in household quantities for our end customers, please see our online shop.

We also offer organic product processing upon request.
Our organic production is certified under the EC control code DE - ÖKO - 021.