Natural products with a special touch

Lienig raw materials offer great benefits, especially in this era of increasingly health-conscious consumers. One particularly good way to use the topinambur tuber, for instance, is as a sugar substitute.

The continuously increasing demand for authentic foodstuffs makes it useful to have healthy alternatives. And, if these alternatives are grown locally, do not need to be imported, and fully comply with Germany’s high quality standards, then so much the better.

In short: natural products with a special touch.

Our broad product range offers many possible applications and uses:

Fruit spreads
Muesli / cereals
Organic natural foods
food products for infants and children etc.

Our products are available in a number of forms such as concentrates/syrups, purée, oil, fruit juices or similar, depending on the particular fruit in question.

We also offer organic product processing upon request.
Our organic production is certified under the EC control code DE - ÖKO - 021.