Lienig Wildfrucht-Verarbeitung | Topinambur, Aronia & Holunder

Welcome to the Lienig Wildfrucht-Verarbeitung

The „Lienig Wildfruchtverarbeitung GmbH“ as a family owned company is producing and selling juices / concentrate and other products.

We transforming all central European fruit into different variety of products like fruit concentrates, purees, oil or powder etc. as:

You can purchase those items mainly as:

  • juice concentrate 65/70 °Brix (up to 75 °Brix)
  • juice single strength
  • puree
  • semi-concentrate (50 °Brix, cloudy)
  • some as oil or powder
  • Those items are also available as organic products.

Lienig Wildfrucht-Verarbeitung | Erdbeeren