Lienig Wildfrucht-Verarbeitung | Topinambur, Aronia & Holunder

Your Adventages

  • Young dynamic team with strategically chosen service partners
  • Affordable and acceptable payment terms
  • Premium quality producer based in the heart of Germany, adhering to strict German production and quality Laws working in unison with scientists and industry specialist to achieve such premium products.
  • Long term contracts
  • Short Lead Times (ordinarily within a week)
  • VdF-member
  • In house new product development laboratory
  • Security of raw material / product quality resulting to the planned DIN/ISO 9000 certification and production on base of Code of practice (CoP) value and IFU requirements
  • Geographically strategic factory location with state of the art communication network.
  • Fast reaction capability especially to market trends based on a modern, capable and „lean“ team, equipped with high-tech
  • Our in house development team can offer bespoke services to customers, utilising our state of the art laboratory, always ensuring we are 1 step ahead of the competition

Lienig Wildfrucht-Verarbeitung | Erdbeeren